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Index by author from Volume 9 (2003 onwards)

Volumes 1 to 8 (1994-2002):

    Ali, Noora, 'Tevita Momoedonu: Live with Radio Tevita', 7:2:171-174.

    Amepou, Lynne, 'Dominic Kakas: On the corruption trail', 3:1:175-177.

    Boden, Ian, 'Time to light up the NBC airwaves,' 2:147-49.

    Bohane, Ben, 'Fiji military exorcise ghosts', 7:1:69-72.

    Bopp, Maire, 'Flosse appeal over Tefana', 5:1:39-40.

    Brouwer, Paul, 'Dutch role in hostage crisis', 6:1:13-14.

    Cass, Philip, 'Democracy and media: A message for the Pacific', 8:35-41.

    — 'Dilemma for Fiji media and the constitution,' 2:1:69-72.

    — 'Not in a Pakeha court: Kastom and the Pacific media', 6:1:102-111.

    — 'The Pacific mission press', 4:1:105-114.

    Centurion, Diosnel, 'The prophetic role of Christian media', 1:1:48-57.

    Chan, Sir Julius, 'Serve truth with development news,' 2:1:78-82.

    Chaudhry, Mahendra, 'Fiji news media faces crisis of ethics', 6:1:135-146.

    Cheung, Estella, 'Dear Mum and Dad', 7:1:134-139.

    Choong, Alex, 'Melanesia irks Malaysia', 3:2:133-136.

    Craddock, Patrick, 'Public broadcasting and the intelligent butterfly', 6:1:121-132.

    — 'Surfing, sinking and swimming in the WTO', 5:1:80-91.

    — 'The McSpeight file', 8:33-34.

    — 'Truth and the SS', 8:31-32.

    Cronau, Peter, 'Censorship by exile' in Micronesia,' 4:1:74-77.

    'Sandline's mercenaries helped Kopassus', 6:1:33-35.

    'Self-censorship: The most insidious gag,' 2:1:11-15.

    Singirok claims denied, 4:1:26-27.

    'Why ethical journalists deserve better code', 3:2:20-26.

    Cullen, Trevor, 'Better AIDS coverage', 4:1:71-73.

    — 'Censorship in Malawi', 3:2:119-121.

    — 'Reporting diseases in the Pacific', 6:1:73-75.

    Davis, Mark, 'Blood on the Cross', 6:1:10-32.

    Delailomaloma, Frederica, 'War of words with publisher', 6:1:141.

    Digitaki, Tamarisi, 'Virisila Buadromo: Behind the microphone', 8:159-164.

    Dixit, Kunda, 'Now the negative news from paradise,' 2:1:116-118.

    Dorney, Sean, 'Outwitting repression of the media in PNG', 5:1:99-106.

    Duncan, Lynda, 'Coup editorial content: Analysis of the Fiji 2000 political crisis', 8:10-29.

    du Prel, Alex, 'Freedom of the press problems in Tahiti', 5:1:34-38.

    Dusava, Gabriel, 'A blurred and distorted view of PNG,' 2:1:90-94.

    Dutt, Reggie, 'The day Siti was battered', 7:1:37.

    Ferea, William, 'Media, church and the Sandline plot?', 4:1:9-18.

    — 'The death penalty: A flawed debate,' 2:1:62-67.

    Field, Michael, 'The Bure Newsroom', 7:1:20-28.

    — 'The world is watching and we've got a message', 4:1:23-26.

    Fiji's Daily Post, Editorial: 'Give us a break', 5:1:19-20.

    Foster, Robert J., 'TV talk in PNG: A search for policy in a weak state', 5:1:53-78.

    Gaunder, Yashwant, 'Faith, hope and charity', 3:2:159-165.

    Gawi, John, 'Curbing the exposure of crooked dealings', 3:2:48-49.

    Gemo, Rev Oria, 'PNG's new information order (in waiting), 1:1:38-47.

    Geraghty, Paul, 'Talking the wrong talk?', 7:1:164-167.

    Gurdayal, Mithleshni, 'Editors play down threat', 5:1:28-29.

    Henshall, Peter, 'The origins of journalism education at UPNG', 4:1:97.

    Hulsen, Al, 'Browsing the Pacific', 6:1:78-85.

    Hussain, Bernadette, 'Michael Field: Banned from the Pacific', 7:1:175-177.

    Inbaraj, Sonny, 'Rebuilding the [East Timor] press', 6:1:46-48.

    Jannif, Ikbal, 'Transparency and the Fiji news media', 6:1:158-165.

    Joku, Harlyne, 'The Times of Papua New Guinea: An investigative tradition,' 2:1:8-10.

    Ka'au, Joseph, 'A grassroots view,' 3:2:37-41.

    Kakas, Dominic, 'Giant logger linked to Posai housing', 3:2:166-168.

    Kolma, Frank Senge, 'Public opinion and the news media', 4:1:49-54.

    Kama, Nimo, 'Neville Togarewa: A scoop in the jungle,' 2:1:124-126.

    Kamea, John, 'The Daily Post sale', 5:1:9-14.

    Kari, Paula, 'Nancy Hillary: All jobs rolled into one', 3:2:178-180.

    Kuasi, Sophie, 'Abby Yadi: From fish to business,' 2:1:127-130.

    — 'Wendy Bacon: A bullet and an orchid,' 2:1:120-122.

    Lea, David, 'Civil society and media: The relevance in Fiji, Tonga and PNG', 7:1:111-117.

    Leary, Ingrid, 'Is freedom of the Pacific press really free?', 5:1:21-24.

    Loney, Matt, 'Pacific rural publishing: Eastern Star case study in PNG,' 8:127-138.

    Maclellan, Nic, 'The Pacific "non solution"', 8:144-154.

    Maino, Sir Charles, 'People, news and government', 2:1:84-89.

    Malifa, Savea, 'Gagging the Samoa Observer', 6:1:63-72.

    — 'Lighting the fire for media freedom', 5:1:92-97.

    — 'Observer under threat', 4:1:92-94.

    Manassah, Kiery, 'Bleak media scenarios confront Vanuatu,' 2:1:73-76.

    Mason, Anthony, 'Coups and conflict', 7:1:57-64.

    Menon, Kavita, 'Asia-Pacific overview', 7:1:83-95.

    Moala, Kalafi, 'Media, justice in Tonga', 8: 96-104.

    — 'Tonga and the independent press', 6:1:59-62.

    'We didn't get a fair trial', 3:2:13-14.

    Momis, John, 'Section 46 - why it was included', 3:2:59-65.

    Morokana, Joseph, 'Joseph Ealedona: On the protest frontline', 4:1:151-153.

    Naidu, Richard, 'Having fun playing God', 5:1:48-51.

    — 'Media ethics in elections', 7:1:65-68.

    — 'Taxpayers in business', 5:1:16-18.

    Nalangu, Walter, 'Investigative journalism in Melanesia: Is it needed?', 2:1:16-22.

    Namaliu, Sir Rabbie, 'The explicit freedoms in our model democracy', 3:2:86-89.

    Nonggorr, John, 'The copyright law and PNG,' 2:1:58-61.

    O'Callaghan, Mary-Louise, 'Paradise Exposed: Is the region's Fourth Estate up to it?', 7:1:10-28.

    — 'Champion of the free press' - Ieremia Tabai., 7:1:15-18.

    Ofotalau, Alison, 'Controversial Close-Up', 7:1:39-45.

    Ohasio, Campion, 'A Solomons "Voice",' 3:2:149-155.

    Ting Ting Bilong Mi, collection of editorial cartoons, 3:1:13-97.

    Pacific Investigative Journalism Award: 'What the judges said', 3:2:156-158.

    Pamba, Kevin, 'Jada and the Phantom', 4:1:143-149.

    — 'Spotlight on the role of the news media', 3:2:90-93.

    Pareti, Samisoni, 'Media and the coup', 7:1:35-38.

    Pearce, Dennis, 'Elections and the media', 5:1:133-139.

    Pearson, Mark, 'Course finds PNG a "mecca"', 5:1:111-113.

    Peni, Ekonia, 'Cat-and-mouse over the French nukes,' 2:1:140-142.

    Pentanu, Simon, 'The pitfalls of inquiries', 5:1:125-132.

    — 'Seeds of accountability', 4:1:41-43.

    Phelan, Liam, 'Running scared - how the media left Dili', 6:1:36-44.

    Pinder, James, 'Open season for snipes at the media pack', 2:1:37-39.

    — 'The "untouchables" era', 1:1:6-8.

    Post-Courier, 'Sir Peter stands firm', 3:2:71.

    Pohiva, 'Akilisi, 'From Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva, 3:2:17-18.

    'Media, justice in Tonga', 8:96-104.

    Prabha, Ashwini, 'Asaeli Lave: "Just the gun is scary",' 8:169-174.

    Prasad, Biman, 'Crisis of conscience', 7:1:97-104.

    Press, Eyal, 'Indonesian misadventure: A US mining giant's clash', 3:2:123-131.

    Raiyawa, Tomasi, 'Oseah Philemon: Op - chief with big heart', 6:1:170-173.

    Ratuva, Steven, 'Cartooning in the Pacific: The social construction of humour', 7:1:119-126.

    Reporters Sans Frontieres, 'A day for freedom', 3:2:84-85.

    Richards, Deborah, ABC Four Corners: 'Bush Bugarup', 1:1:30-36.

    Robie, David, 'A photographer's date with a nuclear death,' 2:1:132-139.

    — 'Attacks on the press', 2:1:41-45.

    — 'Ethical dilemmas for the PNG media', 1:1:59-70.

    'Fairness, balance and the Pacific media', 6:1:50.

    'Freedom of speech', 8:105-119.

    — 'Fri Pres: Media freedom in the Pacific', 4:1:29-40.

    'Hot-wired media', 4:1:61-70.

    'Frontline Reporters: A students' internet coup', 7:1:47-56.

    'Internet journalism at USP', 5:1:107-110.

    — 'Introduction: Ting Ting Bilong Mi, collection of Campion Ohasio editorial cartoons, 3:1:7-12.

    'Media and the message', 4:1:96-103.

    'Pacific freedom of speech', 8: 105-119.

    'Post-Courier stays put', 5:1:30-32.

    'Press freedom, ethics and the constitution', 3:2.

    'Share the whole vision, good news and bad', 2:1:95-102.

    'The contempt case of the 'Tongan three', 3:2:10-19.

    — 'The Topul Rali affair', 5:1:114-124.

    — 'Uni Tavur and media education at UPNG', 3:2:94-101.

    — 'When the deadline becomes death', 1:1:11-15.

    Robson, Alan, 'The unrepresentative democracy', 4:1:19-22.

    Rosenberg, Bill, 'News media ownership: How NZ is dominated', 8:59-95.

    Sela, Luke, 'PNG's rocky route to self-regulation', 6:1:55-58.

    Semel, Raphael, 'Radio wars in PNG: NauFM's tough struggle', 3:2:112-115.

    Seneviratne, Kalinga, 'Radio Djiido turns ten', 4:1:44-48.

    Shameem, Shaista, 'A genuinely free press: The challenges for the Pacific', 8:120-126.

    Singh, Sir Vijay, 'Post mortem on a bad deal', 5:1:25-27.

    Solomon, Anna, 'Public perception of the Ombudsman', 4:1:44-48.

    — 'Women in the media', 1:1:23-29.

    Sorariba Nash, 'A free ride to propaganda', 1:1:73-87.

    — 'International news flow cooperative study,' 2:1:50-55.

    — 'Media accountability and the new technology', 3:2:27-36.

    — 'Paparazzi v British media', 4:1:121-138.

    — 'Regional conflicts: Getting both sides,' 2:1:103-112.

    — 'Why can't Kalang push ahead on its own?', 3:2:116.

    Stuart, Ian, 'Maori and the mainstream: Towards bicultural reporting', 8:42-58.

    'Tauiwi and Maori media:the indigenous perspective', 3:2:102-111.

    Tamani, Rosi, 'Samantha Magick: Talent on FM96 airwaves', 5:1:140-143.

    Tapueluelu, 'Ana, 'Reporters and police: Too close?', 7:1:159-163.

    Tarte, Daryl, 'The Fiji experience', 6:1:51-54.

    — 'Why the media must remain free', 6:1:154-157.

    Taylor, John, 'TV - transparent or opaque?', 4:1:55-58.

    The Fiji Times, Editorial: 'Practise what you preach', 4:1:115.

    The Fiji Times, Editorial: 'Think before you speak', 4:1:117.

    The Fiji Times, 'Fiji Times hits back at PM's allegations', 6:1:147-153.

    The Independent (PNG), Editorial: 'Tampering with the freedom of the media is dangerous', 3:2:37.

    The National, 'Political guidelines', 4:1:53.

    The Review (Fiji), 'Rabuka and the reporter', 1:1:20-22.

    The Times of Papua New Guinea, Editorial: 'Bougainville: Six years too long', 1:1:92-93.

    Togarewa, Neville, 'Media, government and the Constitution: A journalist's perspective', 3:2:50-58.

    — 'The NBC islands gag', 1:1:16-19.

    Tora, Luisa, 'Lisaleilani Williams:"Behind the mad cookie"', 6:1:166-169.

    Tora, Talei, 'Netani Rika: "On the Bright Side"', 8:155-158.

    Turagabeci, Ilaitia, 'Discovering the HIGHlands', 3:2:169-173.

    Uni Tavur, 'Chronology of a protest', 7:1:130-133.

    Vatsikopoulos, Helen, Dateline: 'PNG: Under the spell', 2:1:24-36.

    Waibauru, Jessie, 'A frog's head, old ashtrays and student politics', 1:1:88-91.

    Wakus, Wanita, 'I couldn't stop crying', 7:1:127-128.

    Ward, Ian, 'A genuinely free press', 6:1:112-120.

    Waqa, Andrea, 'Wainikiti Waqa: Behind the gold medals', 7:1:168-170.

    Weber, Joe, 'Student baptism of fire: Reporting the kerosene lamp blasts', 7:1:105-110.

    Wilson, Peter, 'Fiji TV's struggle for good service', 5:1:41-47.

    Wishart, Ian, 'The Paradise conspiracy', 3:2:137-148.

    Yaya, Joe, 'Fiji media and salaries: News sells - but journos face "poverty"', 8:139-144.

    — 'Mary-Louise O'Callaghan: Investigative challenge', 8:165-169.



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