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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rainbow Warrior image - privacy law and the media. Photo: John Miller

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Coup specials:
Easter putsch in Fiji reports at Cafe Pacific

Mekim Nius:
Speight coup background


Libyan intervention - two views from constrasting camps
Pacific 'dictatorship of the publishitariat'?

The devastating risks for journalists covering conflict

War reporting and scams

Pacific Journalism Review -
Gender edition, Sept 2006

West Papua reports -at Te Waha Nui

Press freedom in danger

Church leader condemns Indonesia's 'genocidal' policies in West Papua

Inside the intrigue at PINA 2005

USP Journalism's coming of age

East Timor 'risks surge in unrest'

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From campus to newsroom in the South Pacific
JourNet 2004 research paper summary - 380 kb pdf file

The press and the putsch controversy

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