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Friday, 27 June 2003

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Asia-Pacific Network: 24 March 2003


Arab News
Baghdad Radio
BBC World
Cursor's media patrol
Chuckman war cartoons
International Federation of Journalists

Reporters Sans Frontières
Scoop's special picture page
the images of 'shock and awe' the
US media don't want you to see
Urban warfare site

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Steve Bell in The Guardian, 26 March 2003

Ich bin ein Bagdadi
Deven's cartoon in Le Mauricien, 27 March2003.

Saddam Hussein in public on the streets of Baghdad,
according to Iraqi TV, 5 April 2003

The ground attack begins on Baghdad,
4 April 2004

The US condemned the showing of captive
American soldiers on Al-Jazeera TV, 24 March 2003.

The face of Anglo-American "collateral damage"
in Iraq, 22 March 2003.

The face of US "collateral damage" in Iraq, 22 March 2003. Rense website.

Cartoon from Rense website.

A web cartoon from Canadian commentator and cartoonist John Chuckman.

A web cartoon from Canadian commentator and cartoonist John Chuckman.

A peace rally in Auckland, NZ,
22 March 2003. © Asia Pacific

Maori campaigner Pauline Tangiora talks about her experiences in Iraq at a peace rally in Auckland, NZ, 22 March 2003. © Asia Pacific Network

Stop war sign in Auckland street, NZ. © Asia Pacific Network

>> The faking over Private Jessica - War Spin, May 16
>> Transcript of BBC's War Spin, May 16
>> David Robie: The media disinformation war, May 3
>> Alastair Thompson: The Gulf war, media and civil society, April 29
>> John Pilger: Something deeply corrupt is consuming journalism, April 25
>> Uri Avneri on the cost of war - The night after, April 17
>> US troops accused over carnage in Mosul, April 16
>> Robert Fisk on the pillaging of Baghdad, April 15
>> Terry Jones on the US gravy train in Iraq, April 13
>> TV crew under fire at Tikrit, April 13
>> US forces 'encouraged looting', April 13
>> Hunt on for Saddam's henchmen, April 11
>> Toppling the Saddam statue - what really happened, April 10
>> Baghdad after Saddam, April 10
>> The chilling metaphor of the Saddam statue, April 10
>> Arab volunteers fight US troops in Baghdad, April 9
>> War toll on journalists, April 8
>> Fear amid the surreal mist of Baghdad, April 7
>> Al-Jazeera's cash crisis, April 7
>> Background on urban warfare, April 6
>> Mystery of the missing dictator, Saddam Hussein, April 5
>> Suicide bomber Iraqi women kill US soldiers, April 5
>> US troops try to surround Baghdad, April 4
>> US newspaper sacks photographer over faked photo, April 3
>> Who is next for 'liberation'? - a Pacific view, April 2
>> Peter Arnett sacked after Iraq TV interview, April 1
>> Al-Jazeera in the news, March 29
>> Russell Brown's Hard News spin on al-Jazeera , March 28
>> The US Lone Star rides off into the sunset, March 28
>> Russell Brown's Hard News weblog, March 28
>> Hackers attack al-Jazeera for showing US dead, March 28
One rule for them: Five PoWs are mistreated in Iraq and the US cries foul. What about Guantanamo Bay? March 25
>> Wansolwara Online: Fiji peace groups continue vigil against war on Iraq, March 25
>> Robert Fisk: Saddam starts to sound like Uncle Joe, March 25
>> The Media Column: 'More news doesn't always mean better news', March 25
>> BBC reporter visits Baghdad's wounded, March 25
>> Frontline news: reporters face new wartime hazards, March 24
>> John Pilger: A compliant press - backgrounder before the war began, March 21, 2002
>> John Pilger's Iraq file
>> Café Pacific's picture and cartoon gallery
>> Reporters Sans Frontières special Iraq war reports
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